Beyond Possible is a 22-minute film that explores what the Hearing Voices approach looks like, how it began, and the ways in which it is expanding our view of what is possible in the lives of people who hear voices, see visions, and/or have other similarly non-consensus-reality-based experiences. For people who themselves have these experiences, we hope it will help them know that they are not alone in either their struggles or their successes. And, for anyone who sees it, we hope the film will provide some insight and inspiration into how we can work together to build a world where everyone has the potential to live full lives.

Help Save Our Hearing Voices Supports:

Since 2008, the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (RLC) has served as a national leader in bringing the Hearing Voices Movement to the United States. Although many RLC team members have supported that effort, no one has given as much of themselves to this mission as RLC Director of Training, Caroline Mazel-Carlton, and Lead Trainer, Cindy Marty Hadge. In addition to lending their voices to Beyond Possible, they have facilitated countless groups and trainings, run many a facilitator networking call, developed curricula, provided hours upon hours of individual support to voice hearers and their families, and given freely of their own stories. Unfortunately, grant funding for their positions recently concluded, and many training contracts have been cancelled due to the current global health crisis. As such, we find ourselves in a ‘perfect storm,’ and need your help to find a way to keep them doing this important work, and avoid losing all the wisdom they’ve gathered along their way.


Host a Screening:

We want this film to be seen far and wide, and by as many people as possible. Below are some options for how you can be a part of making that happen.

  • Host an on-line screening: Zoom and many other platforms can be used to host not only meetings and groups, but also film screenings followed by panel discussions. For a nominal fee, members of the cast and/or production team can also be made available to join you for a post-screening dialogue, as well as providing discussion guides.
  • Host an in-person screening: As soon as face-to-face gatherings are once again able to happen, we plan to resume support for in-person screenings. As with on-line screenings, cast and/or production team members can be made available to either Skype in or be present in person, and discussion guides can be provided.
  • Host a Hearing Voices workshop or training: This film can be the perfect complement to a longer workshop or training, including:
    • 3-hour sessions on voice dialoguing, or trauma-informed approaches to supporting voice hearers
    • Full day overviews of the Hearing Voices approach
    • 3-day Hearing Voices group facilitator trainings
    • And more!

We are able to modify offerings to suit your needs. E-mail us to learn more and discuss pricing details.

This film has was created by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community & Gail Hornstein, Professor of Psychology at Mount Holyoke College in collaboration with the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care

A Sampling of Resources on Hearing Voices

  1. 5 Ways You Can Support Voice Hearers During this Pandemic by Leah Harris at the Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care
  2. Hearing Voices Training Information from the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community
  3. Hearing Voices Resources During COVID-19 from the English Hearing Voices Network
  4. Hearing Voices Resource List compiled by Gail Hornstein
  5. Hearing Voices USA Website